Tech Trep Academy launches in Provo, teaches kids tech skills

PROVO, Utah — Tech Trep, an online interactive learning community for kids that focuses on teaching technology and entrepreneurship skills, has announced the official launch of its new resource Tech Trep Academy.

This new initiative is designed for interactive curriculum in such areas as 3D printing, computer and game programming, entrepreneurship, media editing, digital art/animation, sound mixing, and Minecraft modding. Tech Trep Academy is uniquely crafted to help students move beyond the traditional classroom setting, stimulating young TECHnology enthusiasts to learn and develop new skills as well as granting the necessary tools to utilize those skills in real world enTREPreneur experiences.

Tech Trep courses are formulated to work either separately or as a whole, offering students the possibility of customizing a program that caters to their individual needs and wants. The curriculum is mainly built on open source or low-cost software, allowing kids from lower-income regions to take part and not miss anything.

Furthermore, each course is overseen by an online tech mentor, creating a highly-personalized environment wherein mentors can alter the experience for individual users, or update the course to make use of the latest software or capabilities. This program will hopefully continue to inspire Utah students to learn important technology skills for potential future careers.

Source: Utah Business