Real Salt Lake scores goal with new team store in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Real Salt Lake team brand has had “Salt Lake” in its name for years, but they haven’t had a presence in Salt Lake City itself until now, with the recent opening of the all-new Downtown SLC Team Store.

Located at 55 E. 300 South, the new store offers many of the same products as the store found at the team’s headquarters in Sandy, but it has additional offerings for merchandise not allowed by Major League Soccer regulations for the stadium store or website. This allows fans to find desired items that they would be unable to purchase in person otherwise. Furthermore, the farther north location than the stadium’s Sandy address should make it a bit easier for fans who live in the northern region of the state to access an official team store.

The store’s owners decided to give customers a complete soccer experience, rather than just focusing on selling merchandise. For example, a screen and portion of stadium seats found in one corner lets customers see precisely what their view of the game will be when they buy tickets in-store. Screens throughout the store will showcase soccer matches being played throughout the world or replay old RSL matches.

Image courtesy of Real Salt Lake

Source: Utah Business