Whiteclouds now home to world’s largest 3D printing facility

OGDEN, Utah — Locally based 3D-printing services company Whiteclouds has recently unveiled the largest 3D printing facility in the world at an open house. The newly constructed, 60,000-square-foot facility contains 24 full-color printers from 3D Systems. This development grants the company over twice its previous full-color printing capacity and makes Whiteclouds the largest full-color 3D print services provider in the world.

This opens up several possibilities for numerous industries, including the architecture, healthcare, design and entertainment industries, to personalize products and extend 2D applications to 3D versions. As well as its full-color services, Whiteclouds additionally offers services for prototyping and end-use parts in a wide spectrum of materials. This should provide a creative and technical boost to these industries, allowing them to bring consumers more options than ever before.

Image courtesy of Whiteclouds

Source: Utah Business