Orem trio launches INK Menswear and brings a twist to ties

OREM, Utah — INK Menswear a company launched in Orem this summer, is turning men’s ties on their tails with a clever and unique design concept. It combines a timeless and sophisticated front with a more playful tail. This feature lets wearers switch up their appearance quickly for different events and places.

Freedom Hamill, Nathalie Linge, and Seth Ferguson are the three minds behind INK Menswear. The concept for INK ties was developed roughly a year ago when neighbors Hamill and Linge came together with design ideas and a goal to break into a section of the fashion market in need of fresh ideas. They began by creating classic designs for the ties’ fronts, and then Hamill started designing the unique, personality-filled tails. Ferguson, an economics student at Brigham Young University, was brought on to help with both getting the fledgling business to the next step and providing economic savvy.

Of the founding trio, Hamill in particular is very passionate about reaching out to the world, and hopes to someday go global with INK. The company has already reached its funding goals and should begin manufacturing and marketing their product soon.

Image courtesy of INK Menswear

Source: Herald Extra