Park City cyclist invents the Shade Vise to solve a cycling problem

PARK CITY, Utah — Kenneth Acklin is a longtime fan of cycling who has been riding, repairing and improving bicycles for more than four decades. Because of this wealth of experience, the innovative Utah bicycle technician decided to address the problem of cyclists losing or breaking their sunglasses by inventing and patenting the Shade Vise, a stylish, lightweight accessory that securely holds sunglasses when riding.

“The Shade Vise is the world’s first and only device that protects your sunglasses on your bike and in between rides,” Acklin said. “It takes less than two minutes to install on your bike, and provides a long-term solution for riders of all skill levels.”

Inspired by cyclists, and created by cyclists especially for cyclists, the $30 Shade Vise solves the issues inherent in scratched lenses, broken frames and lost sunglasses, all of which are common problems cyclists face due to needing to adjust to changing light conditions requiring the removal of sunglasses and the subsequent lack of a place to put them. The Shade Vise gives riders a place to store their sunglasses and lets riders slide them in and out using one hand while riding without touching the lenses.

Image courtesy of Shade Vise

Source: PR Newswire